Sign up for Colby Cares Day

Colby Cares Day, the CVC’s largest event, is happening Saturday, April 23rd.

This is the perfect occasion to give back to the greater Waterville
community while working with your fellow students. This year, we have over 20 local sites ranging from the Homeless Shelter to the
Hart-to-Hart farm that offer different volunteer opportunities.

***SIGN UP*** with your friends IN PULVER (starting April 11th) or ONLINE:


9:00 am – Meet in Pulver
*** We will have your lunches and CCD T-Shirts for you!

10:15 am – Leave For Volunteer Projects In Our Community

3:00 pm – Return To Campus

5:00-7:00 pm – Outdoor BBQ on Dana Lawn + Raffle + Pie Eating Contest + Outdoor Concert

*******Empty Bowls**** A Pottery Club-sponsored fundraiser that benefits the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter. This year’s event will be a little different – rather than hosting a separate event at which at serve soup and bread, the Pottery Club is partnering with the CVC’s all-campus bbq!

Check out their Facebook Event here:

*******Pie Eating Contest**** Please contact Sam Andler if you would like to enter at

Questions? Email