Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter

Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter continues to expand! There was an incredible surge in interest this semester from Colby volunteers. Currently, we have teams of two and three for breakfast and dinner shifts nearly every day of the week – a significant increase from prior semesters (weekend morning shifts are still available!). Beyond this, Katherine Rizk, Thomas Gregston, and Cat McClure even hold multiple shifts each week; they’re simply stellar.

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Recently, a family with several young kids came to the shelter in need of child support. Our fantastic volunteers were quick to lend their time. Madi Louis was incredible as always and helped to coordinate a volunteer schedule during the week; she also volunteered to watch them in the morning. Likewise, our beloved Katherine Rizk went daily to get the kids ready for bed, read bedtime stories, and tuck them in during what must have been a really trying time. Feedback from shelter staff and guests attest to how wonderful she and other volunteers were. Now that the schedule has settled down, it’s still so wonderful to see these awesome youngsters during breakfast or dinner.

From sorting donations to playing some great music at dinner, it’s been a super productive and fun semester. Mid-Maine is truly grateful to have such a great collection of devoted volunteers! We can only imagine what fantastic things the future holds for us!

Love always,