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Blue Team Community is a program in which Colby football players volunteer at the Albert S. Hall School in Waterville. The program is a collaboration amongst Steve Opgenorth, the Colby football team’s community service coordinator, Harriet Trafford, the Hall School Principal, and the CVC.  Players help students academically by reading with them during class.  In addition, the football volunteers  help organize games during recess and work to  demonstrate sportsmanship and leadership skills. The program currently has 8-12 Colby students who volunteer on a weekly basis.

Community Service

Steve writes: “Blue Team Community has partnered with Hall Elementary school to build relationships within our football program out in the Waterville, ME community.  This program focuses on development of leadership skills included in 1.) setting a great example  2.) communicating positively and effectively with an array of audiences  3.) truly caring about the well-being of others.  For our elementary school kids, this gives them an opportunity to work with and interact with role-models within their school and structured day.  The Colby College football program has been able to read to 4th grade students as well as participate in recess activities.”

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The Colby Football team also participates in a number of other outside volunteer events including most recently the Special Olympics held at the Sugarloaf Resort, read more about it here.

On Sunday, April 14th, 23 total members of the Colby College football program volunteered during Activities Day at the Augusta, Maine Gray Birch Nursing Home.  A variety of activities allowed nursing home residents to interact and participate with current Colby College football players.  This volunteering event continued the drive of a determined football team this spring and it’s Blue Team Community efforts . Currently, the football program has accumulated over 300 hours of community service this spring semester.



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