This Year’s Trips

The Trips

As highlighted below, the CVC is excited to send out three trips this spring that focus on a variety of different topics.

The ASB New York City trip focuses on issues pertaining to poverty, homelessness, hunger, social class, privilege, and volunteerism. Participants will volunteer in homeless shelters and food pantries throughout the week.


Check out their blog by clicking here.

The ASB US Virgin Islands National Park (VINP) trip focuses on issues pertaining to environmental conversation, environmental philanthropy, environmental education, environmental conservation, tropical ecology, and volunteerism. With the help from Friends of Virgin Islands National Park, participants will engage in trail work and visit a local school to discuss environmental issues during the week.

  • ASB US VINP participants have entered the 2013 Dell Social Innovation Challenge. To support their entry and learn more about the trip, please click here.

The ASB Nicaragua trip focuses on issues pertaining to poverty, community development, human rights,  the relationship between the Global North and South, and volunteerism. With the help of the NGO Bridges to Community, participants will work with locals on a community development project. The 2013 ASB Nicaragua Trip is supported by Colby College’s Latin Americans Studies Program.

Faculty-Led Seminars Prior to the Trips

Education is a core component of the ASB experience. Therefore, ASB participants are required to attend faculty-led seminars that now happen prior to the trips in both the fall and spring semesters.

Up until this year, there has been one faculty member who has led three seminars in the weeks leading up to spring break for all of the trips. This year, the CVC has expanded the educational programming to start earlier and include more Colby faculty from a variety of disciplines. So far, eight faculty members across four areas of study have agreed to provide lectures. The topics that have been or will be covered by these faculty are as follows:

  • Volunteerism, Poverty, Homelessness, Social Class, Priviledge
  • Cultural Misunderstanding, Developmental Aid, Ecotourism
  • Social Influence on Poverty, Commonalities among Different Forms of Suffering
  • Political Situation in Nicaragua
  • Land Management, Conservation in National Parks, Environmental Philanthropy, Environmental Issues in Maine
  • Tropical Ecology, Tropical Conservation, Marine Protected Areas, Marine Conservtion
  • History of the US Virgin Islands