Alternative High School

Volunteers at the Alternative High School tutor students in both the Alternative High School and Teen Parenting Program.   The Alternative High School focuses on students who have difficulty succeeding in a typical high school setting.  These students frequently have challenging situations at home, or, in the case of the Teen Parenting Program participants, have a child or a baby on the way.  The Alternative High School offers basic high school courses such as English, History, Science, Algebra, Geometry and Government.  Tutors need not be experts; only the most basic knowledge of these subjects is necessary.  In most cases, the tutor is more of a companion to keep the student on track and guide him or her if he/she becomes stuck or frustrated.


Monday – Thursday, 12:05-12:45 and/or 12:50-1:30 or Friday 9-noon (anytime within this time frame). Tutors are usually assigned to a specific student and meet with him or her during one of these times once a week.  Consistency is crucial, and tutors must be able to commit to the same time each week.

Program Leaders

Melanie Ross (

Program Information

Waterville Alternative High School
93 Silver Street Bldg 4
Waterville, ME 04901